Welcome to my digital Physiotherapy  and Personal Training Service

I have been self employed in my own Practice as a Physiotherapist, Sportsphysio and Personal Trainer since 2016. In Hamburg and in Brandenburg, Germany.

What I offer online:


  • Physiotherapy und Personal Training for all treatments, coachings and exercise feedbacks that are "hands-off"
  • Some Physiotherapy treatments, e.g. right after surgery in hospital or with high manual therapy need, must be performed in person...but many others can also be done online:
  1. Patient education (after injury, or for chronic pain)
  2. General recommendations concerning Physiotherapy need and chances for self-treatment
  3. Exercise recommendations and coaching
  4. Exercise form check via video phone call
  5. Visually graded tests and self-guided treatments
  6. Self recorded exercise video check
  7. ...Any Physiotherapy that does not need direct touch
  • Evidence based practice according to latest research from Physiotherapy guidelines and Sports Sciences
  • Academic title from dutch EU certified Physiotherapy Course
  • Combined knowhow from Physiotherapy and Exercise Science
  • Worldwide Service, thanks to online sessions